rant: idiot groom

Groom with TB under federal quarantine

fine...you were not warn before you left the country that you had TB that was extremely rare and hard to treat. then you were notified, AND you ignored warnings and got on another flight to get married and then another flight to return to the US because NOW you're afraid to die...and you admit that you were sneaking back into the country?!?! and then you're complaining that there are armed guards watching you door?!??!?! are you SERIOUS!?!? you're lucky you're not being prosecuted or arrested or charged...yet. how selfish are you? you endangered the lives of hundreds of people including your new wife, your families and friends. that doesn't even include the people who live in the countries you traveled in. you are a selfish selfish man. idiot...i feel sorry for the woman that married you...then again, she left you sneak back into country and followed you instead of turn you in or ask you to do the right thing. i mean, if the CDC contacted me while i was in another country and asked that i turn myself into the health authorities, i'd be a little freaked out and DO WHAT THEY TOLD ME and not think the CDC as nuts.
just idiots.


ettennel said...

I love the "I've been completely cooperative with the health officials. Other than the whole quarantine in Italy thing." Brownie points for you, Mr. Almost-compliant.

Mindy said...

what a dum dum....

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