rave: terra chips red bliss® sun-dried tomatoes & balsamic vinegar potato chips

these chips are sooooo good. i was at central market yesterday and happen to walk by the chips aisle. i had seen a review on taquitos.net about these chips...naturally, i HAD to try them. they were a little pricey (over $3.00 for a 5 oz bag) but it's my treat for eating well these last few weeks and they are made with olive oil so they have 30% less fat. anyways, the taste is very yummy and unique. they are also thick cut chips...not still rather light and crisp...just more substantial. i will have to try the other flavors of the red bliss line and some other terra chips later. if you're tired of the same boring chip, check out terra chips...sooo good :)
ps: and a fun fact...they are official chip of jet blue airlines...so look for them the next time you fly jet blue!


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