rave: first night austin & pink

First Night is something that started in Boston, back in 1976. Now, cities all over the world hold this annual massive public gathering to ring in the new year through "art, ritual, and festivity." Austin is one of two cities in Texas that participate and in it's second year all events were made free. Over 200 proposed project for First Night Austin were submitted and 60 were choosen by The Orginizers. This event is for the entire family - come one come all! I have to admit, this is pretty darn cool :) it is amazing to see how much talent this city has. b and i had made plans to go see some stuff, but with the NYE party at our place, it just turned out to be no possible. but we'll be there next year, no doubt. Aside from the below rave of a First Night Production, I think I would have liked ""I" of Texas" and the Blue Lapis Lights dancers. Here are a couple links to some photos and articles on the event.

Even though I did not get to actually go and participate...i was a teeny tiny part of the hoola.

"Jaclyn Pryor – “Pink” —In the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve 2007, a fleet ofmessengers--costumed in pink and traveling by bicycle--will deliver a flood of love notes throughout the city of Austin. Those who receive love are encouraged to pass it on by contacting PINKor visiting PINK headquarters to schedule a subsequent delivery to those they love -- and on and on . . . becoming a city-wide experiment in saturation, communication, and contagion made manifest through mediated acts of love. All who send and receive(pink) love are invited to march with PINK in the First Night Austin Grand Processional down Congress Avenue, and participate in the whimsical post-processional Bicycle Carnival at Town Lake created in collaboration with Bikes Across Austin. PINK: WE (DELIVER)LOVE (FOR) YOU. (pass it on) http://www.get-pink.blogspot.com. Underwritten by the Still Water Foundation."

I was lucky enough to get some pink...someone in austin loves me! :) On Jan. 2, first day back at work, feeling tired and sick, i got a nice suprise...and it even suprised the receptionist downstairs. Something pink was taped to the main front door. it's amazing how a simple little note in cute bottle can make a person feel all warm and fuzzy. It think it is the effort behind it...the effort it took for someone to go in and write a note, the effort the volunteers put in to assemble the package and especially the effort of the delivery person. I have to say, I'm amazed they delivered it to my office. I am no where near downtown or their love factory. so kudos to the bike messenger who rode up MoPac to deliver my note...it made my day! I hope much love was spread in austin and that it continues. I only wish I got to send some love. maybe next year. I look forward to seeing what this amazing artist and visonary has up her sleeves next. Here is an interview from Austinist about the great endevour put on by Jaclyn Pryor. http://www.austinist.com/archives/2006/12/29/feel_the_love_at_pink.php#more (if you never visited Austinist and you live in austin, you should...great read!)

So next year, if you live in the great city of austin or happen to be passing through during the new year time frame, check out First Night Austin and participate in a little fun, funk, creativity, love, and celebration. spread the pink (love).


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