rave: white christmas

well, that is not likely here in texas but i decided to have a white christmas tree this year. yes, i know this goes against all things. i'm a firm believer in having the real tree with the smell and all that, but flocked trees are just so messy. so i finally gave in and bought a artificial pre-lit white 7.5 feet tree. and i have to say, i love the way it looks :) aside from believing in real trees, i also believe that your tree should never look the same every year (my mom's to blame for the crazy obsession.) so the first year b and i were together, i got him a real tree and had a blue & silver theme. i even went as far as painting each of our family member's their own ornament (dogs included). last year i compromised with him since we were not going be in austin long for the holidays...got a mini silver tree with mini silver and white ornaments. this year, we went big...big white tree with black and white ornaments and silver martini shakers and glasses. and there are the traditional ornaments too...like our annual picture frame with a picture of us in front of our christmas tree. and the wooden manger to remind us of what christmas is really about. so it is all finally set up, anther year of traditions...slowly i'm getting b into the holiday traditions and excitement. now on to the christmas shopping and cards!


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