rave: happy birthday luca

six years old...

about six weeks old...

happy birthday to my pup.
can't believe he's already 6...
that makes him about 48 in dog years!
here's to many more years of fetching, eating, snuggling,
stealing toilet paper, and being the best dog ever!

he even made it onto one of my fav websites...www.smalldog.com
no, it is not about small dogs...they sell apple computer products.
they just really love dogs :) and yes, buy apple products from them...they rock!
when you visit their website, they feature their customer's dogs
when it is their birthday...hit refresh and you'll see luca there today.

on aside note...luca has obviously not lost the pep in his step. i let him out in the back yard this morning to take care of his business. i left the door open since it was cool and house still smelled like last night's dinner. so as i turn around to go get a banana, i see luca sprinting across the yard full speed to the fence on the left. and what i see out of the corner of my eye is a litte white-ish furry thing duck quickly under the fence. now my first assumtion is, that thing was the little rabbit that b saw while mowing the lawn or at least one of his furry friends. what i'm hoping it is not is a r-a-t. so that said...he's been very intent on sniffing the little hole the creature has created under the fence. The question is...what am i going to do if he catches the thing and tries to bring it inside...


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