rant & rave: wedding, costa rica, and back to reality

so we're back!

man, reality is a harsh thing to come back to after spending a week in Costa Rica. Everything was wonderful...it was great just to truly get away. no cell phone, no blackberry, no email, no internet. LOVED IT! i'll post more pictures and links to all photos soon. (so can't function right now...work is killing me already...330ish emails in 7 workdays...better than i expected.)

the wedding was amazing too. so true that the day completely flies by and all seems a blur. i was glad to hear everyone had a blast. (all party go-ers must meet with me and recap the night...lots of drama apparently...and i need answers!) ceremony was short and sweet, dinner was filling and the partying went on into the wee hours. once we get the offical photos i'll post those too. as for other photos they have been coming in slowly from all the guest...so if you have pictures, please burn me a copy! i'll even send you a disc if you need :)

on with the photos!


ettennel said...

Awesome pics! Welcome back :)

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