rant: misc. stuff

this is going to be a random post...not that the rest isn't. everything is posted in random order to go with the theme!

1. Invitations for the wedding have been sent out. FINALLY! that is a huge monkey off my back. a BIG thank you to mrs. wai lee and miss amy for all their help putting them together. without you guys, i would have never finished! now for the fun part...RSVP and seating arrangement :)

Invite set

IMG_6425just like the contrast of the red box with the inivites...

2. Bridal Showers. I am very blessed to have so many good friends. I never expected to have more than 1 shower. But my lovely and wonderful sister and bridesmaids are throwing me one next saturday in houston. on top of that, my amazing friend jules is throwing one here in austin and my work is having a shower for me. i cannot ask for more. thank you everyone and lots of love!

3. currently reading:

i finished marley and me a couple weeks ago. that was a wonderful book. if you are an animal lover...especially a dog lover...you will love it. it's a quick read, but very heartwarming, touching, truthful, laugh so hard you stomach aches funny, and tear jerking. i would be reading it and b would just look over at me and wonder why i was laughing out loud one minute and sobbing the next. i think he just chalked it to wedding stress/hormones. could be...but i blame the book.

so this is my next read. I really enjoy anita shreve's writing. i've read serveral of her books and have loved them. So far, 2 chapters in, this one is no different...still captivating, and draws you totally in to the story.

4. weddings, weddings, weddings. lets just say the craze has started again. in 2006 there were just a few...not too many and most were very spread out. for 2007, that is a different story. as of right now, i know of 9 weddings already. out of those 9, 5 already set dates. of the 5 that have set dates, 1 is out of country, 2 are out of state, 2 is away from austin. i guess my vacation time will be used for weddings this year...woohoo! can't wait to travel! I am very excited to see our friends get married. for me, the one i am most looking forward to is syl & alex's. welcome to the madness!!!!

5. labor day weekend...and there sure was a lot of labor! i unfortunately had to work this weekend...well mainly on saturday. so, there was no traveling for me this break. aside from work work, there was wedding work, which took up sunday and monday. on the other hand, my lovely pup got to enjoy his weekend...here are some pictures of him being super lazy.

Luca 003

Luca 005

this weekend was also b's bachlor party. he and the males headed for the sea (south padre) and male bonded (drank) and worked on their skills (played football). they showed up on the door step looking totally pooped. at least he wasn't giggling and smelling like vodka like the last bachlor party. heehee...

6. technology sucks...i can't believe how fast things change. i purchased my digital camera 4.5 years ago and it is already sucking. it's sad. i love my camera. but it just doesn't take the best pictures anymore...it is slow at processing. the new cameras are so much sharper, and faster. *sigh* maybe it is time to bite the bullet and buy a new one...again.

7. numb toe. yes, my big toe on my right foot is numb...completely. yes, i know what you are thinking...i've gone to the doctor. i pinched a nerve in my foot. the cause...wearing 3.5 inch heals and hauling 30 to 50 lbs of s*$t around. while trying hard not to rip or wrinkle my suit. yes...this is what someone in the marketing dept. of a fortune 500 company does. yes...it sounds exactly like my old job at the non-profit. the difference, i'm getting paid to do it now.

8. kids grow fast. i cannot believe how fast nicholas has grown! just 2 months ago he was still grunting and using hand signals. and 2 weeks ago, he's talking, saying his abc's ("w" is his favorite letter. he gets very excited when he see's one) using almost full sentences, and he learned my name in one weekend. That is most important. :)

Daddy's B-day
Blowing out Grandpa's birthday candle
working hard on those abc's...

9. hollywood crushes. so recently i've reverted to being a school girl. i've developed crushes on the hollywood hotties. i think the only one that has lasted through time is johnny depp. (still as hot as the 21 jump street days...actually hotter.) patrick dempsey originally from can't buy me love fame and now grey's anatomy is catching my eye too. he too has gotten better with time. and dermot mulroney from my best friend's wedding, friends, must love dogs, the wedding date...he's got a great smile and eyes...amoung other things. i think that since i've been watching more chick flicks lately and having more e-nights and wonderful bonding moments with amazing women, it has some how triggered something that started in...oh say elementary school?? What is better than drooling over cute guys with a bunch of your girlfriends, good food and wine?!?!

10. lean cusine. my new lunch of choice...perfect for my 15 min lunches that i get to take at work. i use to think it wouldn't fill me up and i'd be hungry in 5 minutes...but it actually is quite satisfying. as much anything else is anyways...my favorite currently Lean Cusine Spa Meals Chicken and Noodles in a Peanut Sauce....yum!

11. work apathy. my apathy for my job is growing...by leaps and bounds. i like my job, don't get me wrong, but it lacks the fulfillment that i got working at the non-profit. i miss the sense of accomplishment and success...i just feel like i'm just trying to keep my head above water. There is no real sense of ownership. my mind keeps wondering abouts starting a side company. doing what, i am not sure...stayed tuned...

OKAY...i ranted way too much...this should be more than enough to make up for not blogging for a while. if you got to the end of this. congrats...you are probably the only one...most people would have given up after 1.


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