rant: i believe that children are our future...NO THANKS!

as i sit here and watching primetime, i'm am VERY disturbed. this weeks story is called "mean girls". watching makes my heart break, so angry i want to cry, sick to my stomach and very sad. the cyberworld has made it "seem" virtually safe for kids today, especially girls, to say, do, show whatever they please. primetime set up a 3-day experiment and gave 9 girls, that don't know each other, access to computers, cell phones and webcams. there was also a "popular" group consisting of 3 girls and 3 boys in college. They were set loose to do what they please (with restrictions of course to porn and other things illegal). The college kids were also told to keep everything PG no matter what. What transpired in those 3 days will shock you. it was shocking to see how mean these girls were...they are 13 years old! The called each other bitches, whores, sluts and fat. they talk behind each other's back, they fake messages, they bait their "friends" in to saying thing or admitting things. What hurt me the most is at the end and they were talking about what they've learned, the admitted they did not trust their friends. And even if they had one friend they could depend on, there's always doubt in the back of their mind that they may be betrayed. It saddens me that these 13 year olds already have their trust betrayed. they have learned not to be open or passionate even before they finish puberty...and they trust is crushed by someone just like them, another 13 year old girl. The amount of hate and lack of consideration scares me. The lack of consequences and lack that what happens online is reality makes me sick. The posting of provocative photos of themselves half dressed or not dressed at all for the whole world to see makes me want to shake some sense into them. They think it is harmless. but it isn't. girls are no long girls, the innocences is gone. but worse, it can cause them pain and harm that can't be fixed. there are lots of sick perverts out there. the internet is not a safe place for them to be posting photos of themselves in their underwear.

what worries me is that these kids will be the adults who will influence my future children's lives. and i don't want that. they are mean, inconsiderate, hateful, untrusting, vicious people. i'm not saying they will not change or grow up, but what if they don't. i remember growing up with rules and regulations and got punished for bad behavior. these kids don't see consequences. what will they be like as adults? will i want them looking after and teaching my kids? i don't know...i guess only time will tell. let's hope the future generations are different...


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