rave: project runway season 3

IT'S BACK!!!! i cannot believe how addicted to this series i am! i have loyal watched the first two season and have followed a couple of the winners and designers closely. i'm proud to say last year's winner chole dao is from h-town and her shop lot 8 is in the rice village. all these years i have driven past it so many times and never set foot in.

so this year looks like another interesting season...def a bunch of crazys in the bunch. but also a lot of talent. some of these people can sew. they are innovative, creative, ambitious, and genius. As much as love fashion, i would love to have 1/10th of the talent these people have. I would be happy just tailoring my own clothes so i don't have to ask my mom to do it every time i buy a pair of pants.

So the first episode was, as always, about innovation and creativity. they were required to make their outfit from whatever was in their hotel room. that is, anything that came with the hotel room and as long as they could fit it in a laundry bag. one of the guys made his dress out of coffee filters...and it was amazing. I don't think the winner, kevin, should have won. his dress was nice...i just didn't think he was innovative. (he's also an asshole...really cocky.) Stacey was given the auf wiedersehen...just a little out of her league.

so there seems to be a lot of drama this year so i can't wait! so until next week...


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