rant: another busy weekend in h-town

i need a weekend to recover from my weekend! it was another busy weekend for me and b. we celebrated bchan's birthday friday night after driving in (happy birthday!!!). saturday morning was dimsum with mom and grandma. then if was off to take care of tuxedos for the wedding at anna's bridal. then it was off to go meet my sister at her sister-in-law's house. said hi to all the family and the off to the jewelry show. we went to order our wedding bands...3.5 hours later we were FINALLY done. then it was time for dinner...my fav...korean BBQ at Sam Bo Jung. After we stuffed ourselves, we went and got shaved ice...nicholas' favorite thing. then it was off to see bchan's new digs. sunday there was church, classes, then back to mom's place to pack, have dinner and leave. and of course, whenever there was freetime i spent bonding with nicholas...he almost can say my name. he's almost learned b's name too. although most of the time he just calls brian "b", just like most people. all in all for being in h-town for less than 48 hrs, we did a heck of a lot of stuff.

I also finally replaced my phone. i had purchased the hot pink RAZR from T-Mobile and i really wanted to love it. but it kept acting up...turning off in the middle of conversations, screen going black for no reason at all, insert SIM card messages when SIM card was already in, not charging. for having it for just 1 month, it had too many issues for me to keep it. T-Mobile was really great. No hassels on processing the exchange and i got my new phone in 2 days! So far i like it. let's just hope this one won't have any problems.

I also finally sent out my save-the-date for my wedding. woohoo! now i'm tackling my invites...which i have hit a snag. so i'm in troubleshooting mode. i obviously have unique taste. the paper i want to use can only be purchased by the carton....that equals enough paper for me to print invites, reply cards, programs, table cards and place cards for about 1000 people. that is WAY too much paper. so back to square one for me :) Wedding favors are in too...they are currently on a plane with my daddy on the way back from hong kong. i cannot wait! we also blocked off rooms for guest for the wedding at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown houston. b and i will also be staying there that night. (to get the discounted rate please let them know it is for the wong/liau wedding) we want our friends to come hang out with us at the hotel bar after the reception if they are up to it. besides, they serve milk and cookies every night...yum! thanks judy & wai for letting us copy you guys. so the big shindig is coming along...i can't wait!

so i think that's all that happened. if i can think of anything else i'll add :) whoo...what a long blog...i need a nap now...

here's a couple photos of nicholas too...

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