rave: burts bee's lip shimmers

so i was at h.e.b. picking dinner and made an impluse buy on my way to checkout. i have to say, probably the best impluse buy i've made in a looooong time (and probably the cheapest!). I picked up burt's bees lip shimmer in raisin.

i recently discovered i've stopped wearing lipstick to work and my justification is that i at least have some powder and blush on everyday. well, i noticed that my lips look dead at work since it is like a freezer here and i needed a new chapstick so i thought 2 in 1! so i tried it. it is really great! if you like burt's bees lip balm, you'll love this. it has the same pepperminty flavor plus really great color! i also discovered that if you leave it on for a while without eating, drinking, or wiping you mouth, it slighly tints you lips...which leaves a great sheer color. and for $3.70 i consider it an awesome deal...a much better price and nice alternative to the vincent longo gel lip & cheek stain ($22.50 at sephora)


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