Rant & Rave: Mr. and Mrs. Wai Lee

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I was blessed to be a part of the most wonderful wedding this weekend. It was the sweetest and most touching wedding I've ever been to...and the most fun. How many weddings do you go to where the mother of the bride chugs a beer with the bride's friends? I've never been to a wedding where everyone there was truly happy and touched by these two amazing individuals. You can see the love and friendship everyone shared and how both Julie and Wai have shared their lives with everyone. From family to friends, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. I was lucky enough to be the crazy wedding coordinator for them. It was so much fun! Thank you to the entire wedding party and for all their help for making their day beautiful and special. Thank you to Jeremy and Cynthia for always being there to help no matter the crazy task. Brooks and Leigh...you guys were amazing photographers and I cannot wait to see all the photos. Thank you for catching every moment, memory and emotion of that day. To the DJ...props to you for getting Julies grandma on the dance floor. The Mr. and Mrs. Sheng...thank you for your hospitality and letting me get to know your family. It was truely a beautiful weekend!

And to Julie and Wai...much love, blessings, happiness and joy to you both. Thank you for letting me be a part of your very special day and letting be a part of your family.


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